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A Glimpse of True Beauty

Portraits of Aloha Hope challenges us all to reexamine our conceptions of true beauty. It showcases portraits of 23 women who live in the clean and sober houses provided by Women In Need (WIN) — women who are making a successful transition from incarceration and homelessness to a new life. Accompanying the photographs are
hope-filled and encouraging quotes from renowned authors such as  C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, as well as reflections from the women of WIN.

Sohee Chu, photographer, designer and author of the book, met the women in their homes and asked what gave them strength and hope in their daily lives. For one, that meant cooking; for another it was canoeing, or reading, or spending time with her kids. Such moments revealed glimpses of true beauty, the kind that comes from the heart.

Why the title, "Aloha Hope"? The root of the Hawaiian word "aloha" consists of [alo=presence, face] + [ha=breath]: "the presence of (divine) breath." It is easy to witness this "aloha" hope in the lives of these women, and you are invited to experience it through these photographs.

This self-funded photo project benefits the organization Women In Need (WIN).  All proceeds of your book purchase will go toward supporting this incredibly worthy organization. Thank you.

About the photographer:
With her little point and shoot camera, Sohee Chu won Travel and Leisure’s 35th Anniversary June Photo Contest
for a shot she took while hiking the Viedma Glacier in Patagonia in 2006. She then upgraded her camera to a professional digital SLR and plunged seriously into photography, completing workshops with renowned
photographers including Julia Dean and Frank W. Ockenfels. She fell in love with portrait photography
for the joy of connecting with people and capturing moments of poignant emotion.

In addition to pursuing her love of photography, Sohee holds the position of creative director and president
of iSohi, Inc, a design and online media strategy company. For over 10 years iSohi has provided identity, branding,
and online design solutions for companies such as Marriott International®, Bambeco®, Zen Technology®,
the Cradle, and the American Psychological Association.

She and her husband Donald moved to Kailua HI in 2008 and they have two children, Liam and Kate.


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